Monday 1 October 2007

Microsoft, you are a winner!

Dear Microsoft,

I'd like to present my own invitation to you, on an informal note: my association, the FFII, has just announced the winner of a 2,488 Euro award for lobbying against OOXML.

Given that several nominees did not wish for money, and considering the energy you (as the original author) have spent to discredit the proposal internationally, we thought it only fair to offer the price for your collection!

(Maybe this would pay for at least 5% of your partners' bills in Sweden. No - my mistake - you "retracted" the promise; now, we did consider more suitable means of gratification - chairs for instance - to various parties, but unfortunately we could only do so much at a time.)

Details on the award ceremony will be available shortly; meanwhile, should you choose to accept the offer, you're welcome to contact me or the board for some preliminary info.

Granted, it may seem like a small effort of ours in the light of your fines of 500 million Euro, or - say - your investments in the sue-happy SCO (a company which, incidentally, is about to collapse).

But: it's the thought that counts, right?

A good friend

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