Monday, 17 December 2007

Drive-by voting

Since the Swedish stance in favour of OOXML, I've had no particularly exciting moments in the related committee of the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS). Because the decision was withdrawn in the media chaos that followed, Sweden will not be able to vote on Microsoft's ECMA's proposal, or go to the Ballot Resolution Meeting (BRM) in February. It'll be interesting to see how the story ends...

Meanwhile, I thought I'd remind you of how committed Microsoft's partners are to actual standardisation work, as opposed to, hmm, something else. See my table below, listing organisations ordered by degree of participation. (You can also find out the date of joining for some members. Note that many of them have decided not to be part of the committee in 2008.)

Oh, and IAMCP has sued SIS in order to make sure that "IAMCP and its members can continue to work with standards in a reliable manner".

What a sandbox.

Organisation5 Jun15 Jun14 Aug16 Aug1VOTE 27 Aug26 Sep26 Nov217 Dec
Riksarkivet (chair)xxx-NOxxx
Illuminet AB--xxNOxxx
IAMCP Sweden Chapter4xx--YESx--
Sun Microsystems AB-x--NOx-x
EPiServer ABxxx-YES---
HumanData Inventus ABx-x-YES---
iBizkit AB----YESx-x
Diamo AB-x--YES---
Kungliga Biblioteket5----NO-x-
Exor AB----YESx--
Formpipe Software Linköping AB----YESx--
FS System AB----YESx--
International Development Europe----YESx--
SourceTech AB----YESx--
Camako Data AB----YES---
Connecta AB----YES---
Emric AB----YES---
Fishbone Systems AB----YES---
Google Sweden----NO---
IT-Vision AB----YES---
KnowIT Stockholm----YES---
Modul 1----YES---
Nordic Station AB----YES---
Solid Park AB----YES---
TietoEnator Digital Innovations----YES---
ReadSoft AB----N/A3---
Strand Interconnect----N/A3---


1 This meeting was only for editorial purposes.
2 This meeting was organized specifically to discuss coordination between various working groups in SiS.
3 Left before the OOXML vote.
4 The person in question is listed to be representing "VeBe IT-Management AB" during the first three meetings (including one absence).
5 Is a member of other committees as well.
6 Became a member after the OOXML vote.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

FFII annual meeting in Brussels

I was kept rather busy this weekend, preparing and helping to execute the annual meeting of the FFII. Our President was re-elected, there are some new colleagues in the board, and so on. Software patents, watch out!

Where was I? Oh right, 30 geeks came to Brussels from all over Europe. Like at any good annual meeting, there was some flaming. And yes, they did try to ignore the schedule limitations I had set out in the agenda. Next time, there'll be no mercy... ;-)

While I just got tons of new work in my hands (we also had a long board meeting on Sunday), in the end I think it was a very stimulating (but exhausting) experience. We also had many speeches and other events. (I couldn't participate in most of Friday's events though, but at least I was in time for the beer... :-))

On Monday, I for once had some time to look around in the city (well, at least to see what to eat and drink near The Bourse, including some well-hid stuff along Beenhouwersstraat), and make a short stop to talk to some members. Then I went home again. Now just to catch up with all the paperwork...