Wednesday 29 August 2007

NyT: "Microsoft admits SiS voting coup"

Summary from an NyT article: (roughly)
Microsoft admits that it's behind the SiS voting coup that resulted in proposing the OOXML document format as a standard.

- Mistakes have been done at our end, says Klas Hammar, Microsoft.
Klas goes on to say that this action was done by a "individual employee" and that the action "was not authorized" by Microsoft.

I think this speaks for itself...

Update 17:25: the following people from Microsoft were present at the SiS meeting on Monday:
  • Jonas Persson, technical director
  • Klas Hammar, business area director
  • Peter Centellini
I'm sure they were all "individual employees" and had no clue what happened at the meeting...


Jonas said...

What was this meeting and where did you get the information?

David Vuorio said...

I clarified it, thanks.

This is based on a list of present members that I received from SiS.